Bay of Plenty

Drone Spraying & Mapping Experts

We are an innovative drone services company that uses the latest drone technology to simplify your work flow while improving your efficiency and productivity. We work with farmers and orchard owners from the eastern to the western Bay of Plenty and in-between. Our equipment and services are of specific use to kiwifruit growers, orchardists, dairy farmers, and dry stock farmers, but we also assist in other industries anywhere drone spraying and mapping can save time and money.

Drone Spraying

Precision application of sprays via drone. Drone spraying reduces the amount of chemicals needed ensuring herbicides and agri-chemicals are applies with better consistency and accuracy.

Orchard Mapping

Detailed aerial mapping using drones can be helpful for identifying problems early, such as pests or diseases, and for assessing the overall health of your orchard at specific points in the season.

Farm Mapping

Utilising drones to create detailed and precise maps of your farm. Useful for farm management including for creating farm environment plans and for use with technical applications which require KML and Shapefiles.

Agricultural applications

Kiwifruit Orchards

Drones can be an incredible time saver on a kiwifruit orchard not only do they offer precise spraying they are also very useful in aerial imagery where they can easily identify problems including pruning issues or pests and diseases. Why waste time walking each row when drones can be used at multiple times during the year to assess change within the crop without huge expense.

Maize Crop Management

Innovative precision agriculture uses drone-based aerial intelligence when managing maize. Hundreds of acres of maize can be captured quickly with multi-spectral data, which can give an accurate stand count. With high-quality, multi-sensor drone imagery tracks crop progression, manage nutrient input, and make replanting decisions.  Easily maximise profitability by using data to make more efficient and effective planting and input decisions. See our orchard mapping for details.

Farmer checking drone mapping crop data of his maize field

Farm Environment Plans

All farms need to have a Farm Environment Plan by 2025. You can work with your dairy company or a trusted farm advisor to develop a plan, but having a good farm map is a great starting point. Using our drone services we can easily create a map and identify key elements including natural resources, environmental aspects, and farm management practices on your farm for environmental compliance.

Farmer and drone specialist discussing farm mapping data

Other industry applications

Survey, topographic and GIS maps

Drones can be useful in a wide range of industries to create accurate mapping for survey, topographic or GIS requirements. We create high quality aerial maps using drones that can be converted to KML or shapefiles. These can be used in a broad range of software applications, but can also be used too create site specific maps for things like  quarries, large manufacturing plants, accommodation and even schools. We can also do customisations outlining assets such as buildings, roads, access-ways and hazards for health and safety as well as asset and financial planning. If you have a task in mind and you are not sure if we can help, just ask.

Aerial view of roads and vegetation for topographic mapping