Drone Spraying & Seeding

Targeted aerial application of pesticides, herbicides, agrichemicals and seeds.

Using the latest in drone technology we can survey your farm, field or orchard and create accurate spray or seeding plans, programming an exact rate per hectare. This saves time, expense and reduces the amount of pesticides herbicides and agrichemicals needed. Our drones are equipped with atomising nozzles that have variable droplet sizes and propellers that provide the perfect level of downward pressure for maximum plant penetration and limited spray drift.



Drones can be programmed to fly very precisely, which means that they can apply pesticides and herbicides more accurately. This can help to reduce the amount of chemicals that are used, which is beneficial for the environment.


Drones can fly much faster than ground equipment, which means that they can spray crops more quickly. This can save farmers time and money.


Drones can be used to spray crops in areas that are difficult or impossible to access with ground equipment. This can be helpful for both farmers who have large or complex farms and for those with smaller blocks with slopes or limiting access.

Environmental benefits.

Drone spraying can help to reduce the amount of chemicals that are used in agriculture. This is beneficial for the environment because it can help to reduce pollution and protect wildlife.

With our partner companies we can help facilitate various spray and seeding applications.

Drone Spraying

  •  40L payload
  • 11m max spray width.
  • Max flow rate of 6L per min.
  • Automated flow rate based on speed.

Drone Seeding

  • Automated flow rate based on speed.
  • Up to 15kg/min variable rate
  • Grains 0.5-5 cm