Drone Farm Mapping

Delivering high-quality, cost-effective aerial imagery for analysis, surveying, mapping, and much more.

Lume Contracting utilises drones to create detailed and precise maps of your farm. A farm map is a useful asset going forward not only to meet your future obligations under the Farm Environment Plan (FEP),  but also to measure and manage your farm efficiently. Detailed maps can help establish good safety plans, allow easy planning of stock movements and stocking rates and to guide the movement of machinery, staff and external contrators.

Map Features


Our drones produce very high-quality imagery that is much more accurate than google maps imagery.


At Lume Contracting we also provide KML and Shapefiles for your farm. This is a useful tool when using machinery or other agricultural software applications receptive to this technology. These can be used in a range of applications including FarmIQ, AgriWebb, HawkEye and many more.



All farms need to have a Farm Environment Plan by 2025. You can work with your dairy company or a trusted farm advisor to develop a plan and having a good farm map is a great starting point. A FEP is a tool that identifies natural resources, the environment and farm management practices on your farm. Its a tool to record environmental compliance, and progress towards achieving good management which balances farm productivity with reducing your farm’s environmental footprint.