Orchard Mapping Process

How we work

1. Establish what measurements you require for your orchard.
  • Row and bay count
  • Area of individual row
  • Area of individual bays (additional cost)

2.  Conduct the survey with the RTK drone and collect the necessary data.

3. Process the collected data using specialized software to generate accurate maps and othervisual representations.

4. Analyse the results and draw insights that can be used to improve orchard management practices.

5. Provide documents via google drive or memory stick to client

What you get

Orthomosaic map

This image is a result of stitching together hundreds of images to create a detailed map. It enables you to zoom in and examine your orchard’s canopy coverage before pruning, allowing you to estimate and negotiate costs with contractors more effectively.

Measurement map

The image will include measurements for each block and area measurements for each row. Note: measurements for individual bays will incur an additional cost. An additional map can be provided without the drone image mentioned earlier. This map can be printed out and used in the field by supervisors to keep track of bay counts for contract pruners.

Excel Document

An open excel document containing:

  • Block number
  • Row number
  • Row m2
  • Number of bays
  • Average bay m2


The accuracy of the survey is influenced by several factors, including the use of lead wires and ag beams for measurements. During the period when the canopy is in full leaf, these measuring points may be obstructed, making it more difficult to obtain accurate measurements. However, measurements can still be obtained with reasonable accuracy, but a more precise result can be obtained after the leaves have dropped. For optimal results, measuring can be conducted after the winter prune. This will allow you to evaluate the quality of your pruning work and obtain an accurate map for the following season. Orchards under canopy are unlikely to produce accurate measurements, please get in touch to assess if we can complete this