Drone Orchard Mapping

Advanced aerial drone imagery increases orchard efficiency, cuts contracting costs and identifies crop issues early.

We give you a detailed overview of your orchard and plant health without the need to walk every row. Our drones offer the latest in high quality surveying imagery. Used to record plant health, canopy size, tree counts, areas that show potential risks and signs of early-stage stress resulting from pests and diseases.

Drone being used for orchard spraying in Te Puke
Drone being used to spray crops in Opotiki

Key Benefits

Precise Measurement

Lume Contracting uses the aerial imagery produced by the drone to provide measurements of rows, bays and blocks. Due to the varying construction of orchards, it is not unusual to come across orchards that have significant variations in bay and row dimensions. This can pose a problem when it comes to remunerating pruners based on a standard meter rate calculated from an average bay size.

We leverage measuring software to streamline the block measuring process. Our state-of-the-art mapping drone, equipped with Real Time Kinematic processing (RTK), enables us to achieve a high level of precision. This cutting-edge system relies on satellite-broadcasted information that is received by a ground-based receiver and then relayed to the drone. The integration of these two systems allows us to obtain highly accurate and reliable data.

Precise measurements ensure accurate payment of contractors, determine appropriate spray quantities, and track the progress of pruners. It can also be used to plan for irrigation, fertilisation, and harvesting.

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Plant Health Assessment

We provide a detailed aerial image of what is occurring in your orchard at that point in the season. This can be helpful for identifying problems early, such as pests or diseases, and for assessing the overall health of the orchard.

Speciailised plant health cameras attached to the drone measure plant health based on the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Normalised Difference Red Edge (NDRE). These sensors are particularly sensitive to the presence of chlorophyll and the cell structure of the leaves providing an indication on plant health. With this sensor, a correlation between weak areas of the orchard and overall plant health can be established.

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Establish Canopy fill percentages. 

This information can be used to determine how much sunlight is reaching the fruit, and to make adjustments to the orchard layout or planting density as needed.

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Pruning Quality Assurance

Allow growers to assess prune quality including spacing. This information can be used to improve the efficiency of pruning and to ensure that the orchard is pruned correctly.



We can also add customisations to your maps to display relevant features such as hazards, access driveways, loading bays, canopy areas, and more. Custom mapping services can be a valuable resource for planning, managing your orchard.

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